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wait a minute...

"Knock Knock!"
"Who's there?"
"Not the Highfield Festival."

No punch line.

Keep us for hopeless optimists, but we really thought we could shoot a lot with you again this year. We plowed as if there was no tomorrow so that the Magdeborn Peninsula could once again be a home for all of us for a weekend. But in the end we had to admit - it won't work. Your integrity and that of our artists are still our top priority and with the Delta variant on our doorstep and the sluggish vaccination campaign, it is simply not possible for us to allow the Highfield to take place without significant restrictions. We looked for solutions in expert committees with other organizers, hygienists and lawyers, but what might be possible is not what the Highfield is all about and by no means what you deserve. And so we have decided to postpone the Highfield for a year to protect the health of our guests, employees and artists.

But it's not all shit, dear Highfieldies - because most of the artists from the 2020 and 2021 line-up have confirmed again! And there is still a long way to go: we not only have one, no, but two new great headliners for you! Because not only the pump booth you trust called KRAFTKLUB have accepted, but also the uncrowned king of the German indie rape CASPER. So, and if that didn't lead to a jelly-like feeling in your knees, we don't really know either.

And what about the tickets?
This is also super easy: You can simply use your 2021 tickets for the Highfield Festival 2022 and don't have to do anything!