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  • Train & shuttle bus

    Departure point at Leipzig main station: Willy-Brandt-Platz, 04109 Leipzig

    1. When you get off the train at the main station, stay on the 1st floor at the level of the platforms towards platform 18 and use the exit opposite.
    2. Go down the stairs, cross the east hall and turn left outside the station.
    3. There you will find bus platform S. This is where the shuttle buses leave for the festival grounds.

    Regional and group offers can be found at

    Tickets are available directly at the stops Hauptbahnhof Leipzig and Highfield Parkplatz. They are flatrate tickets for €10.00 each, so you can use them as often as you like. 

    PDF download shuttle departures

  • By car/camper van/motorbike

    From the east and north:
    Use the A14 exit 29 Naunhof and follow the signs via Otterwisch to the festival site (Attention: the known route via Oelzschau is closed due to a construction site).

    From the west:
    Use the A38 exit 32 Leipzig-Südost.

    From the south:
    Take the A72 exit 27 Espenhain/ Kitzscher.

    Please pay attention to the LED signs on the motorways! 
    We will direct you so that the journey is as smooth as possible for everyone. The shortest route is not always the fastest! 

    Parking and camping are separated from each other. On the whole festival area the StVO is valid.
    Parking spaces will be assigned, please follow the instructions of the traffic service at all times. In the interest of all guests it is important to leave the access roads quickly. Please note that the parking areas will not be guarded. 

    All forms of trailers that you hang behind your car are not allowed in the campground and must be parked in the parking lot.
    Guests with a motorcycle may use the trailer park free of charge.

    Lake Störmthal
    04463 Großpösna

    Parking / Day parking
    Parking fee: €5.00. Alternatively, there are free bicycle parking spaces.

    Bring / Pick up
    North: In the south of car park 5
    South: On car park 6

  • Departure

    Got stuck? Towing Service

    In the event of persistent rain that affects the navigability of the grounds, it can unfortunately happen that people get stuck.
    On request, we can contact a tow truck free of charge. In such a case, please ensure that you comply with the following:
    The tow trucks organised by us are marked accordingly: The drivers wear jackets bearing our logo, the truck bears a flag with our logo, and a number.

    The tow trucks organised by us WILL NOT accept any money! (Should you notice a tow truck that is not marked, and/or which demands payment, please note the registration number and inform us immediately via our social media channels!)
    Prepare the tow bar on your car and switch on your hazard lights.
    Have patience! If it is really wet, the tow truck organised by us must also work with caution, and cannot tow everyone at once.
    We accept no liability for towing vehicles – even though we establish the contact, the towing process occurs at your own responsibility and at the guest’s risk.