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The first band wave for 2024 is here!

The Highfield is just over and we already have the first wave of bands ready for you and we promise: that was just the beginning. And what a! We can finally tell you that none other than Rise Against, Peter Fox, Cro and Provinz will headline Highfield 2024! The two other secret headliners are coming towards us with the next wave of bands.

Chicago punk giants Rise Against not only deliver huge, scream-along hooks, but also lyrics with social and political consciousness.

Peter Fox should be on everyone's bucket list after his epic solo comeback in 2023 at the latest, because the Berliner has by no means forgotten how to get the crowd dancing.

The masked rapper's success story has lasted more than ten years. Cro always demonstrates a feeling for the spirit of the times that you simply can't learn.

Provinz is a real whiz kid on the Highfield stage. Year after year, the band from Baden-Württemberg goes from one milestone to the next. A prime-time appearance was only a matter of time here.

You ask yourself whether there is more to it – yes! In addition to the four headliners, there are also 16 other top-class acts:

Indie rock icons The Kooks, exceptional singer Bosse and rap sensation Ski Aggu have also announced their presence, all three also guaranteeing acclaimed live performances. The punk icons Donots and Flogging Molly as well as folk-pop great Bukahara are in no way inferior to this, who are just as confirmed as makko, $oho Bani and Ennio. In addition, Montreal, Rogers and Fjørt will delight their audience, who can also look forward to shows by Domiziana, Schmutzki, Dilla and Antje Schomaker.

Anticipation is an understatement, hyped is not nearly excited enough - we are ultra-hyped right up to the stage roof.

See you from August 16th. – August 18, 2024 at Highfield 2024! Tickets are available here!
Check out the confirmed line-up so far!